Gabriella is a female Maine Coon Polydactyl born approximately April 2015. She was found wandering through the woods down the road from a dairy farm. It is believed she was abandoned at the farm and perhaps was on a quest to find her original home. She was covered in mats and thin as a rail. She is very friendly and good with dogs, kids and everyone except other cats she doesn’t know. Unfortunately, Gabriella is Feline Aids Positive. She is healthy and expected to live a long and happy life but the new owners may want to keep her as an only cat. Feline Aids is transmitted to other cats through fighting and biting only (blood to blood contact) so is not as contagious as Feline Leukemia.  Gabriella demands to be an indoor/outdoor or outdoor cat and will not be happy inside. However, she loves attention from people and will follow you around and come when she’s called. She would make a wonderful companion for someone who likes to garden or as a friendly barn cat.  She will keep your rodent population down with her giant oversized paws. She enjoys holding a conversation and lives up to her name – Gabby. We are looking for a special someone for this special cat.