Foster homes are an integral part of our network. We are always in need of fosters to care for our many rescues till they are ready for their forever homes.  It is a richly rewarding experience to know you have given the best start in life to an otherwise homeless cat or kitten.  Many foster families enjoy staying in touch with the adoptive families after adoption and continue to watch their former fosters grow and thrive throughout the years.

If you are interested in fostering you will need to fill out the following application. Don’t forget to hit the send button at the end.

1. Main care-giver must be an adult at least 21 years old or at least 16 years old with family permission and parental oversight.
2. Foster cats or kittens must be kept indoors in an appropriate room separate from other family pets.
3. Initially we make home visits before approving a new foster home.
4. Foster family agrees not to adopt their fosters to a third party without going through our routine adoption process.
5. Foster home will not incur any medical expenses without first checking with our organization.
6. Foster home agrees to having potential adopters visit and/or to return the fostered kitties to our organization when they are ready for adoption.

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Kittens onlyMother and nursing kittensBottled-fed kittens (must be experienced)Adult catsFeral (wild) or shy kittens needing socializing