We are pleased to be able to offer the following adoption package. All adoptions come with free spay-neuter, distemper and rabies vaccinations, deworming, testing for Felv and FIV and microchipping. We do not have a set adoption fee but require donations so we can continue to help other felines in need.

An application must be completed if you’re interested in one of our rescues. Processing may take a couple days depending on the availability of your references. Once approved you can visit the cat or kitten of your choice in its foster home setting or other agreed upon meeting location.

Please fill out the following on-line application form and submit it. Be sure to hit the send button at the end.The application process does not normally take long. If you do not hear back from us in three days, please email us to make sure we did receive your application. Our fosters look forward to meeting you!

Please read the following important adoption details:

  1. Adopter must be 21 years of age.
  2. Submission of this application means that, if you are approved for adoption, you understand that we will supply all known health and medical information about your new pet and that you acknowledge that not all health conditions may be known at the time of adoption.
  3. Adopter must have a valid ID and current address.
  4. Many veterinarians require the pet owner’s permission to release information about a client’s pet care. Please contact your vet’s office to let them know that we will be calling.
  5. Personal references must be non-relatives.

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All Applications are carefully reviewed with the well being of our cats and kittens as our primary concern.  Many variables are considered in this important decision, and final decisions are based on our best judgment.  We ask for your understanding that we believe we owe this careful review to the animals in our care.